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But Genghis Wasn't Fooled

Waiting for the hint of a spark

Our Lady of Perpetual Procrastination
4 October 1979
[August 2009 update]

The bio below is soooo needing an update, but I don't really care to make new images right now. So instead -

Current obsession? Star Trek XI and crazy amounts of fandom-related stuff. The userinfo below still applies - although most of the examples contained in them are outdated.

I tend to friend people based on many criteria and often use my friendslist as more of a reading list - so don't feel required to friend back. That being said, new people ALWAYS welcome.

In conclusion, have some Chris Pine and Karl Urban:

Thank you for your attention.

[old user info below...]

Tales of a Pop Culture Addict:

In these shark-infested waters parts, you're most likely to find tales of the following types of addiction:

Scared, yet?